Trip to Hampi

It was a sudden plan to go to Hampi with family. Hampi is close to 380 KM from Bangalore. We had last minute hotel booking so could not get any decent hotel and had to stay at some hotel at Gangavati. Tungabhadra River divides Hampi into two parts. Gangavati is at other side of Tungabhadra River. It is closer to Anegundi.

From Bangalore you need to go to Haniyur first and from there we have two routes. One towards Chitradurga and the other one towards Bellary. Bellary route has less traffic and better roads.

I did not know that this place is also known as “Kishkindha” of epic Ramayana. Anegundi has hills where Bali and Sugriva used to live. Anegundi also has birth place of Lord Hanuman. There is a hill named as Anjaneya hill where lord Hanuman took birth. There is a very good temple at the top of the hill. It is some trekking effort to reach to hill top.

Hampi was the cultural capital of Vijayanagar Empire. There are some structures appeared after excavations. Palaces of recent history are in better shape. This place is known for its temples such as “Virupaksha Temple”, “Vitthal Temple”, Lakshmi Narasimhan temple etc.

Temples and palaces are dispersed in an area of 15-20 KM and either you should have own vehicle or better to rent an auto. Those who are interested in history should hire a tourist guide as well. We were living in Gangavati and on first day we parked our car in Anegundi and then crossed the river by boat. Second day we traveled 30 KM by car to cross the river by bridge and then to reach Hampi.

First day we visited Virupaksha temple by boat. It is a very big temple with divine ambiance. They do not know that when this temple was built. It was renovated in 1300.

Apart from temples and palaces we also visited Bear Sanctuary. It is 25 KM from Vitthal temple. They have a watch tower and you can see bears in the adjacent forest from there. We saw 3 bears at very distant which we were able to see properly from binoculars and camera zoom.

Having Hanuman ji’s birth place and this bear sanctuary gives some glimpse of Vanara Sena and Bear Sena (Jamvant’s sena) of epic Ramayana. We had discussion and I was more convinced that it will be like getting inspired from Monkey and Bear for fighting and naming armies accordingly because of that. It is like Gorilla Army of these days. It does not mean that fighters in these armies are Gorillas.

This entire region is of great religious and cultural importance. Not only me but many people who live at Bangalore does not know what is the birth place of Hanuman ji.

This 4 days trip was during Christmas holidays in 2014.


टिप्पणी: लेख में व्यक्त किए गए विचारों एवं अनुभवों के लिए लेखक ही उत्तरदायी हैं। संस्थापक/संचालक का लेखक के विचारों या अनुभवों से सहमत होना अनिवार्य नहीं है।

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